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Regal Chic

  • I was invited to my first royal wedding & I did not where to begin, but I did know I would need to cover my hair.  I had never worn a hat & I like to feel comfortable.  I found Eliot Raffít’s Adrienne in Rouge & I let the rest of my outfit fall into place.  I was photographed & admired while happily being the envy of all.  Regal Chic.  I looked fabulous.  
  • Elizabeth Thomas, London, England, April 3, 2016  

Romantic Elegance

  • Never one for formalities, I was not looking forward to attending an afternoon tea at the conservatory.  That all changed when I discovered Eliot Raffit’s Joli in Rouge.  I was transformed into a heroine of romantic elegance, ready to grace the gardens for tea.  Bravo Eliot Raffít
  • Sophia Dubois, Greenwich, CT, June 17, 2016  

Stunning Splendor

  • Another red-carpet première with bright lights & studded stars.   How was I to be noticed?  Enter Yvonne in Rouge by Eliot Raffít, old-world Hollywood glamour to the rescue in its stunning splendor.  I was soon to be discovered.  
  • Chloe Dupont, Beverly Hills, CA, December 12, 2016  

Magical & Majestic

  • An evening with the man of my dreams & I wanted the night to be memorable.  Candle lit dinner, followed by a stroll across the Seine.  I had envisioned all the details, including our magical first kiss.  I needed the perfect outfit that would say all I wanted to share.  Enter the hand & eye of the designer Eliot Raffit with his Sheri in Noir with Plumes, both magical & majestic.  I had found it all.  Merci Eliot Raffit. 
  • Katherine Blanc, Paris, France, February 7, 2017  

A Beautiful Bride

  • Finally, it was my wedding to plan.  I could put away all those bridesmaid’s dresses & all those fake smiles.  It would be my time to shine.  I wanted a small reception by the Hudson in the spring with white roses.  And I still wanted to be a blushing bride.  With all this time to imagine what I would be wearing, nothing seemed right.  Until I met Eliot Raffit who introduced me to his Simone in Ivoire, enter Mr. Right.  My picture was now complete.  
  • Emma Bernard, New York, NY, April 21, 2017  

Say Goodbye to Bad Hair Days

  • At my age, my hair was the last thing I wanted to worry about.  Another opening, another black-tie event, another what to wear.  Give me something fabulous, easy & sensational.  And he did, Simone in Pale Pink by Eliot Raffít.  Say hello to gorgeous & say goodbye to bad hair days.  I was offered all that I was looking for, and more.  I was fabulous again. 
  • Isabella Martin, Palm Beach, FL, May 20, 2017  
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